About Tashi

Founded in April 2017, TashiMedia is a social entertainment and lifestyle business designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing social media world to extend your content,offers and reach into the social ecosystem and embed your brand in the places where consumers socialize and share.

We create social media engagement from different countries, such as from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,  Japan etc that foster lasting connections with the right consumers who want to engage with your brand.
And our MAIN FOCUS are targeted Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan etc with our unique and viral videos to achieve the clients targets at its best.

Social media marketing has become more and more pivotal in the last few years, and we are providing unique and informative content to all the clients needs. Tashimedia involves properly leveraging different hand selected social platforms for your business to connect and commnicate with customers.

Our online marketing strategists specialize in understanding our clients’online business objectives and applying them online through intelligent planning, content development, information architecture and media tactics – a combination of creative technology. With our deep understanding of the online space and how it is affected by online marketing, our clients can deploy truly integrated internet marketing programs that connect online and offline advertising with back-end tracking and marketing applications. The end result is an online marketing infrastructure that has greater utility, accountability and return.