17 Media was founded in 2015 to enable users around the world to stream live, watch broadcasts online, and engage with each other through a simple app, which now has more than 40 million members worldwide.

The name “17” comes from the similarly-sounding Chinese phrase “together,” which symbolizes a new generation of the internet that can come together anytime, anywhere through the social platform that is M17.

17 media provide a wonderful live streaming experience. We give chances for users to explore the world through streamer’s eyes.

17 Media is a live streaming app and social networking platform. Currently, 17 Media’s global users have exceeded 33 million and they produce 10,000 hours of content every day.

Through an engaging yet simple video streaming app, you can stay connected to your friends, accrue fans, and see your friends’ status updates at any time. The platform allows you to live stream, chat, leave comments on photos, send gifts, share your feelings, and interact with other users. 


#1 on the charts

Since its launch in July 2015, Taiwan’s first live streaming app 17 Media took the App Stores in China and the U.S. by storm in only three months and was ranked #1 on the charts.

248 Days
248 days to exceed 10 million downloads

17 Media took just 248 days to exceed 10 million downloads, becoming one of the top apps in the US, Hong Kong and Indonesia App Stores with nearly one million daily active users. Now, 17 Media’s global users reach 30M

10,000 Hours
30,000 active users

17 Media has around 30,000 active users every month and the platform creates 10,000 hours of content.


Operating Branches

17 Media currently has operating branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia.

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